Our Restaurants


Sanctum Hospitality brings you Cairo’s first Nikkei restaurant and bar. Izakaya is a fusion of Japanese precision with Peruvian flair. Using fresh ingredients and exotic flavors, our dishes showcase a unique blend of Japanese Peruvian culinary culture, taking you on an inspiring, authentic journey of the sensation that is Nikkei cuisine.


With a perfect combination of our beautifully designed restaurant, signature cocktails and a marriage of Japanese and Peruvian flavors by our talented expert chefs, a dining experience at Izakaya is truly a unique experience.


Mezcal is a restaurant and bar by Sanctum Hospitality. It is the product of many years of traveling, tasting & discovering. Our journeys have led us to a love for Latin American cuisine, with all its modern & traditional variations. 


With a focus on new age Peruvian & Mexican cuisine we hope to stimulate your senses with powerful flavors. Our ever creative and resourceful chef has managed to blend these flavors with the best local produce, giving a truly novel experience in Egypt.

Binge Gastropub

Not all foods were created equal, but at Binge every single one is worthy of love. Forget right and wrong, gourmet or street. Binge invites you to drop the labels and immerse your senses in the richest flavors. Binge’s uniqueness lies in the ability to take you on a trip down memory lane while offering you an exquisite dining experience: A space for your inner child to savor all the favorite classics uplifted. Savor this moment and unleash your creativity to reimagine timeless comfort food with a fresh, sophisticated spin.

Gigi Burger Bar

Gigi’s Burger bar is our chic twist on a modern restobar. It is your go to place for traditional burgers, an assortment of hors d’oeuvres, and draft beers to pair with. With an industrial casual atmosphere, Gigi Burger Bar merges comfort with a lively upscale setting. 


With a fulfilling bite and a unique ambiance in the heart of El Sheikh Zayed, Gigi’s can be the place to go to for a business outing, a romantic date, a gathering or a night out, fitting to any of your outings.

Oke Asian Kitchen

Now Open at Arkan Plaza! 


Oke, the Japanese word for a traditional wooden bowl of sushi rice. The foundation of the family table. humble yet essential. It is these qualities that define the Oke philosophy. A Pan-Asian restaurant, inclusive of the traditional family that is down to earth and respectful. Inheriting the virtues and authenticity of Wabi-Sabi Japanese aesthetic. By striving to bring the flavors and aromas of a rural Asian village into a modern and comfortable setting, Oke has managed to bridge traditional Japanese gastronomy with culinary expertise while providing a warm, relaxed and family-friendly dining experience.

Chiringuito By Sanctum

Chiringuito by Sanctum Hospitality 

Sanctum Hospitality goes to the North Coast taking over Chiringuito located at the G Hotel! The season’s hottest spot  promises Latin flair with a Mediterranean twist!  The drinks are colder, summer is warmer and life is better at Chiringuito beach resto-bar in Seashell. Taste an exotic blend of Mediterranean-Latin flavors in an upscale dining setting with a laid-back beach vibe.