Our Team

Our Founders

Tamer Erian

Tamer has been in the hospitality business for over 15 years, starting as a trainee on Nile Exploration cruise to being assistant to the CEO. Tamer sets the stage for his team to create innovative quality dining experiences. His constant quest for knowledge of all the innerworkings of the industry allows him to lead a diverse team spanning several areas of specializations. He has overseen the design, fit out and launch of several of Cairo’s top dining stops including, Gigi Burger Bar, Mezcal, Izakaya and Binge Gastropub in Cairo. 

Under his leadership, Sanctum Hospitality’s projects and foothold in the industry has grown exponentially in the last 5 years to be one of Egypt’s leading hospitality companies.

Taymour Erian

Taymour has learned the hospitality and service industry in some of the world’s most distinguished hotels. He has served royalty as assistant manager of the restaurant Center Cut in the Ritz-Carlton Dubai. He then went on to lead a team of expert serviceman as the Deputy Food & Beverage Manager of the hotel. 

He is a leader by example, participating in every aspect of the restaurants from service to kitchen to stewarding. Taymour always strives to bring new dynamic dishes and experiences to his guests. His charming nature and affable personality foster loyalty among his guests and his team. He has made a name for himself in the Hospitality industry in Egypt in a few short years putting Sanctum Hospitality’s restaurants Cairo’s top dining spots today.

Culinary Team

Martin Rodriguez

Executive Chef

For over 13 years, Martin has been a noteworthy leader in the diverse culinary universe. You may know him as the Chef de Cuisine at Izakaya, but Martin can also be credited with contributions to Hanzo, one of the best Japanese Peruvian Nikkei restaurants in Lima & Santiago de Chile as well as Temple, one of the renowned restaurants serving contemporary Japanese cuisine in the Intercontinental Hotel in Santiago. 


Stemming from a rich culinary background stimulated by his family and a bachelor’s degree in the Peruvian Institute of Chefs in Lima, Martin aspires to accentuate the flavors of his home country, Peru, as well as explore and discover new ingredients from Egypt so he can create harmonious dishes of new flavors and textures resulting in a new refined fine dining cuisine experience.

Sheldon Wolfe

Executive Chef - Binge Gastropub

South African born and bred, Sheldon Wolfe, our Executive Chef at Binge, has taken part in the professional culinary world since the age of 17. His journey, however, has started long before in his family home where his passion for quality ingredients and innovation has helped shape the talented Chef he is today.


Sheldon has graduated from the South African culinary school Warwick’s and has shared his talents in multiple restaurants for three years, before finally joining our talented team. Knowing he has always wanted to be a Chef, Sheldon has been able to grow and find himself through the art of cooking and plans on continuing to do so as an Executive Chef at Binge. 


Our South African Chef is currently striving to adapt to Egypt’s varied and unique palate as he shares his innovative signature dishes for Binge – providing a joyful and delicious experience is his dictum. 

Ivan Mosquera

Bar Manager

Ivan is our bar manager and head mixologist, responsible for all our delicious concoctions and impeccable bar team. With years of history in the hospitality industry all over Europe, he is a force to be reckoned with. 

He started his career in the hospitality industry 15 years ago in London, then on to Amsterdam, Milan, Antalia, Barcelona, Madrid and Galicia. Working in some of the most notable hot spots in Europe including Café Del Mar in Barcelona, Ivan’s knowledge of the art of the cocktail has no bounds. 

Ivan is part of the European bartender school association, and has worked as an instructor, mixologist, and head bartender. Sanctum Hospitality’s newest team member, Ivan’s endless energy and meticulous nature makes him the perfect addition to the team.

Management Team

Pino Azer

Hospitality Manager

Pino is our Hospitality Manager – he oversees and ensures our guests receive the best service possible, which can stretch over the spectrum of organizing a decadent event for our guests to making sure the smallest of our cutlery is spotless.


His attention to detail and calm and collected demeanor allow him to tackle any issues of service and operations in an efficient manner.


Starting as an Event Organizer, Pino decided to take his passion one step further by entering the hospitality industry handling all internal and external operations, by ensuring all guests are receiving great and unique services, orchestrating the front of house’s operation to meet stellar expectations, ensure the kitchen’s operation does the same, as he juggles the former with the company’s constant new-and-improved directions.

Farida Zaki

Communications & Business Development Manager

Ensuring public relations and marketing plans encourage brand loyalty and revenue, Farida covers a wide array of programs ensuring the new concepts developed with our founders are curated to the guests’ tastes. Farida’s journey has begun as holding the position of Public Relations at Nola’s Cupcakes to reaching Marketing Manager at Fairmont Nile City where she discovered her passion for Food & Beverage. 

She believes marketing with a cause is an important aspect in the hospitality industry which is why causes raising awareness on issues such as Breast Cancer are projects that hold a lot of importance to her. Farida hopes to develop the Marketing department in Sanctum Hospitality to become a full-fledged and independent sector of the company fulfilling its vision and goals.

Ayman Hussein

Assistant Hospitality Manager

Working in the US for almost two decades at countless restaurants and steakhouses, Ayman Hussein amasses an impressive amount of experience in the Hospitality industry. First joining Saltgrass Steak House in 1997 as a server, he continued to pave his journey in the F&B realm by working for the likes of P.F. Chang’s as Store Manager then as a Company trainer; opening 28 stores all over the US. He was then in charge of three establishments owned by Dee Lincoln Prime in Texas: the steakhouse and both Bubble Rooms. 


Finally, he has acquired the title of General Manager at Dakota’s Steakhouse, before finally returning to Egypt. Ayman has trained countless servers in both countries by discovering new talents, ultimately adding value to the industry. Shortly before joining the Sanctum Hospitality family as an Executive Manager to Binge, he has managed Saigon at Fairmont Nile City and has developed a Food & Beverage School for trainees. He seeks to apply his repertoire of expertise to our company, as he continues to train our Binge team to provide excellent service.

Ramy El Mahdy

Izakaya Restaurant Manager

Izakaya’s Executive Manager, Ramy El Mahdy, has started his journey in the hospitality industry by joining Nile Exploration in 2005, pertaining to the Co-Founders’ father, Nagui Erian. He has worked his way from busboy to bartender in the span of a year until finally acquiring the title of Head Bartender for all three boats of the company in 2009. Ramy has gathered experience and insight throughout the following years working for several boats and restaurants until rejoining the Erians’ second company, Sanctum Hospitality, in 2015 as an Assistant Manager to Gigi’s Burger Bar. He then followed suit by joining Izakaya as it opened in 2016, and finally becoming Manager as it moved to its current location in Palm Hills in 2019. 


Our Executive Manager has been part of the Sanctum Hospitality family since it has launched and continues to apply his expertise to the restaurant to this day – motivated by his love for the hospitality industry. Stability and consistency are key motives to his work ethic, and perfectly complement Ramy’s character.

Mohamed Said

Mezcal Restaurant Manager

Coming from a family invested in the Tourism industry, Mohamed has walked the same path as his familial background by receiving his diploma from one of Egypt’s Hospitality Management schools. He has invested multiple years in working for some of the most upscale hotel chains such as Marriott and Le Méridien. He has begun his journey back in 2007 as a waiter at Cairo Marriott Hotel until working his way up as a Supervisor at Le Méridien Cairo Airport in 2015. 


Shortly afterwards, Mohamed has joined the Sanctum Hospitality team back in 2016 with the opening of Mezcal, for which he has become Manager in 2019. 


Our Executive Manager has since poured his experience into some of our other establishments such as Binge Gastropub, and Chiringuito By Sanctum as Executive Manager. Mohamed is currently looking forward to the opening of the new Mezcal in 2022.

Mohamed Saad

People & Culture Manager

Our People & Culture Manager, Mohamed Saad, began his journey in 2013 with a background in the training of students paired with an already existing passion for having a positive influence on individuals as well as humanitarian causes. 


Mohamed has channeled his passion into joining a number of NGOs such as Alwan focused on the development of arts & culture in Egypt. He has helped build it up from a start-up to a fully functioning organization by installing a developed system for the management of human resources as well as an intensive program for the training of youth. 


He has also joined Educate Me, considered nowadays the number one NGO for the development of education for underprivileged children in underprivileged areas. Our P&C manager has since joined our team aiming to maintain a positive work environment as well as building up the company through the development of the team’s mindset, structure, and drive.